Thursday, October 21, 2010

Clarified Butter

Ghee / Nei


·        Butter: As required
·        Salt: One pinch or less at the rate of 500 grams of butter.
·        Leaves of drumstick: A few (optional)

Method of preparation:

·        Melt the butter under low flame in a heavy bottomed vessel along with salt.

·        Reduce heat further when the molten butter starts bubbling.

·        Stir intermittently for about 10 minutes and continuously for about 5 minutes.

·        A pleasant aroma will fill the entire kitchen.

·        A brown coloured residue will start forming.

·        Remove from flame.

·        If you want very good smell, add some drumstick leaves.

·        Wait for about 15 minutes and strain.


Deeba PAB said...

Nothing like fresh clarified butter. I always have a jarful now, and often use it in baking!

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