Thursday, October 21, 2010

Types of sieves / filters / strainers

There are many varieties. Some are highlighted here.

·       Chinoise:  A conical shaped sieve used as a strainer

·       Cocktail strainer: A bar accessory

·       Colander: A bowl-shaped sieve used as a strainer in cooking  

·       Flour sifter: It is used in baking

·       Mesh strainer (strainer): It consists of a fine metal mesh screen on a metal or plastic frame with or without handle

·       Pannadai / Pannaadai: It is a Tamil name of a part of palm tree, temporarily used as natural filter to filter fresh toddy.

·       Spider: It is used in Chinese cooking

·       Tamis: It is also known as drum sieve

·       Tea strainer: To filter tea extract while preparing drinking tea

·       Zaru: It is also called bamboo sieve, commonly used in Japanese cooking

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