Friday, August 13, 2010

Tips for easy cooking

  • Add sugar to fresh green vegetables before cooking to improve the flavour.

  • Apricots bruise easily and decay. So keep them away from heat and direct sunlight.

  • Fresh eggs are best for poaching, as they hold their shape.

  • To serve better, the poached eggs should be served as soon as they are pulled from the water.

  • Quickly stir in a tablespoon of butter or cream when the scrambled egg is likely to be overcooked.

  • To check whether the cake is fully baked or not, insert a knife. It is fully baked if the knife comes out perfectly clean. Also when fully baked, the cake shrinks slightly away from the sides of the tin.

  • To retain the freshness of nuts, store them in freezer.        

  • Use milk instead of water to knead puri dough. Puris will become soft and luscious.

  • Use skimmed milk while making paneer (fresh cheese) to obtain a lot of proteins and very low fat.

  • When whisking egg whites, greater volume can be achieved if the eggs are a little old. 

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